Mind’s Eye Radio

Mind’s Eye Radioit’s radio within reach.

Current show: VOICES

Mind’s Eye Radio is a compelling radio program that mixes poetry, prose, drama, interviews, and songs to explore contemporary social issues.

Each one-hour program blends voices, ideas, opinions, and stories into a single program with topics like “In the Kitchen”, “Room for Cream?”, “It Could Be Worse”, and “Gee! String!”.  The programs are written and produced by the Mind’s Eye Radio Collective of Madison, Wisconsin.

Mind’s Eye Radio is free for the taking.  You can stream or download our shows on WORT-FM Community Radio in Madison, Radio4All, and shortwave on the Milan Radio Relay Service in Europe.

Mind’s Eye Radio Collective  – Cast of Characters:

Bridget Birdsall
Donna Carnes
Gay Davidson-Zielske (Co-Producer)
Kathy Miner
John Morgan
Ruth Nichols
Jim Nichols
Lynn Patrick Smith
Fran Rall
Louis Rall
Evie Thompson
Paul Thompson
Guy Thorvaldsen
Kelly Warren (Producer)
Gregg Williard (Host)
Judith Zukerman

Original music by Barbara Chusid