Messages On-Hold



       Mind’s Eye Messages On-Hold




While they’re on-hold, tell customers about    * new products or services
                                                                               * awards or community service
                                                                               * seasonal tips and advice, or
                                                                               * recent research related to your industry

Messages On-Hold can                                       * reduce caller hang-ups by 80%
                                                                               * increase time callers spend on hold by 130%
                                                                               * boost telephone purchases by 30%
                                                                                                                    –AT&T and Nationwide Industries

Mind’s Eye produces your
Message On-Hold using                                     * unrestricted music loop library
                                                                               * Madison-area voice talent
                                                                               * multi-language translation
                                                                               * talented script writers

Mind’s Eye Messages On-Hold                           *Contact or 608/438-4178
are affordable                                                        for a quote on your project.