Live Description for Performing Arts

Live Description for Performing Arts – Theatre, Opera and Dance

     (Live description services offered only in Madison and Dane County area of Wisconsin.)

Live audio description in the performing arts can take different forms.  In theatre, the describer will use some of the spaces in between the dialogue of a performance to give essential, objective information such as movements, gestures, costumes, or the set that vision impaired theatregoer would miss.

In opera, a vivid description of the costumes, set or simply a reminder of who is speaking is helpful.

With a dance performance, you may need specific language to convey the gestures, the arrangement of dancers, or the flowing movements of a classical ballet.  

Live audio description is transmitted through a lightweight, easy-to-use headset which allows the vision impaired person to engage fully with the performance and enhance their enjoyment.

While description was developed for people who are vision impaired, many others may also benefit from description’s concise, objective translation of key visual components.

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